Here, you're gonna find our ever-growing selection of hot-garbage. We got shirts and shit with designs from the Empire, art contest winners, and even some random punks who thought giving their crudely drawn pieces of shit to us was better than burning it in a trash can. They're probably wrong, but we'll take it anyways!

We sometimes get in some handmade goodies like plushies, bags, or God-knows-what. You're also going to find SwagliCon badges, Swag Bags, and shotglasses from previous years while we still got them!

If you've got any requests for something, want something brought back, or even want to throw us some dead meme to print on a shirt, hit dat Contact Us link below!

Otherwise, browse around, and GIVE US YOUR FUCKING MONEY! These knees aren't gonna stay unbroken at this rate and Daddy Domino is tired of hearing my shit! C'MON MAN, do me a solid!